Frontex offices

The Frontex head office is located in Warsaw, Poland, at Plac Europejski 6.

Frontex also has offices in:

  • Belgium, “as a permanent local interface between Frontex and the EU institutions or other relevant EU bodies based in Brussels”: Avenue d’Auderghem 18 – Brussels
  • Greece: Akti Vassiliadi, Gate E1-E2, Port du Pirée – Piraeus
  • Italy, EU Regional Task Force: Via Transito, 74 – Catania

Additionally, Frontex has deployed liaison officers to EU member states:

  • Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland
    • based at the Bundespolizei in Potsdam, Germany: Heinrich-Mann-Allee 103
  • Belgium, Iceland, Luxemburg and the Netherlands
    • based at Avenue d’Auderghem 18, Brussels, Belgium
  • Bulgaria
    • based in Sofia
  • Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia
    • based in at Vörösmarty u. 50, Budapest, Hungary
  • Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
    • based in Bratislava
  • Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
    • based in Stockholm
  • Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
    • based at Čiekurkalna 1. līnija, K-2, room Nr. 230, Riga, Latvia
  • France
    • based in Paris
  • Greece, to cover Greece and Cyprus
    • based in Athens
  • Italy and Malta
    • based in Rome
  • Spain and Portugal
    • based in Madrid

And to some non-EU-countries:

  • Turkey
    • based in Ankara
  • Niger
    • based in Niamey
  • Western Balkans
    • based at Avenija 19a Building Vladimira Popovica 40/V, Belgrade, Serbia
    • based in Tirana, Albania
  • Senegal
    • based in Dakar


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